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Franz Strohmeier (Strohmeier)
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Grower & Maker
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Our Mission - “It does one good to patiently observe what happens in the peace and tranquility of nature. And the best occurrences are those that take place without influence from outside sources. I have such high respect for developments happening unseen- both in the vineyard and later in the wine itself- that I´m afraid of disturbing and defacing the natural process through interference… (Franz Strohmeier relying on C.G. Jung) … with these thoughts, we want to encourage you, to become more sensible and alert. Make us aware, what is good for us and our environment. Our living today is in most things technical, what is quite useful. But life is also playful: Love, simplicity, silence, flowers, dancing or painting and art – these things include our inner world.

We are equally as passionate about taking time to savor our wines, to enjoy the perfect symphony of liveliness, salubriousness and sustainability.
At first it may seem naive for a winemaker to take a backseat and fully rely on natural processes. To experience the beauty and deeper meaning of this idea, we invite you to join us in exploring our vineyards.

With this description, we hope to pass on our fascination of the wine making process and provide a backdrop for the first moment you taste our wines.

About us - since 2003, we -Christine and Franz Strohmeier- have been working with great determination to produce absolutely natural wines without any additives or chemicals, and almost exclusively sulfur-free.

Vibrancy of the wine - as we have learned from our experience and observation - is caused by a wide variety of organisms already living in our vineyards. The term "symbiosis" (Greek: sym = together / bios = life) is for us the best expression to describe this interaction.

Along with the soil and climate, the variety in the vineyards and subsequently the aging in our cellars shape the character of our grapes.The grapes are harvested by hand. With time and care they are cultivated into wine.

For over 15 years, we have also been producing our sparkling wine by hand using traditional bottle fermentation.
Franz Strohmeier (Strohmeier)