Date & Time
Monday, December 6, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Peter Honegger (Newcomer Wines) Ewald Tscheppe (Weingut Werlitsch) Josef Muster Franz Strohmeier (Strohmeier)

Farming - a living interaction between man and nature.

As a farmer, you are of course free to try to exert your will on the land and plants that you grow but this approach is at best naive and at worst totally counterproductive since the myriad different relationships beneath and above ground are not controllable or even fully understandable by you. By exerting your will, or seeming control, in the short-term, you in fact create an imbalance, a catalyst for a vicious cycle of intervention that as a farmer has you working harder and harder. Great farming isn’t about exerting yourself over your farm. It requires a step back for the ego and a recognition that you are working with the living and that, like with all relationships, there has to be give and take in both directions. Great farming is two-way communication between the farmer and the natural world in his/her care. Join the “Schmecke das Leben” (“Taste Life”) producers Sepp, Ewald and Franz (three of Austria's most avant-garde, natural wine producers) for a conversation about their personal experiences in caring for soil, plants and the living in their cellars.