Full Name
Alex Milner (Natte Valleij)
Job Title
Grower & Maker
Speaker Bio
Alex Milner, owner of Natte Valleij, introduces a grape that has captured renewed attention around the wine world, Cinsault. South Africa is leading the charge for appreciation of this grape today. Once the most planted winegrape in the country (it was well suited to the climate, being able to tolerate high temperatures and drought, while giving good yields) it became a work-horse variety, mainly used in blends.
Today, however, producers are treated Cinsault very differently and winemakers are realising its potential; older vineyards in particular are delivering some exceptional, serious wines. Cinsault has become a driver of New Wave South Africa. As a variety previously only recognised for its part in creating Pinotage, this is a new dawn. Many leading wine publications and wine writers having been giving Cinsault airtime and although the grape is originally from France, it’s South Africa that’s grabbing the headlines.
Alex Milner (Natte Valleij)