Full Name
José Miguel Sotomayor
Job Title
Grower & Maker
Speaker Bio
I was born in Santiago de Chile, and I come from a family closely linked to the world of wine, since my father and other family members are winemakers. My arrival in the world of wine, went through several stages since when I was little, I always knew that I would dedicate myself to agriculture, but not to wine.

After finishing school, I studied Agronomy, deciding me on the production of fruit. Once I graduated as an Agricultural Engineer, life confronted me with the decision to dedicate myself to enology and after carrying out a vintage in Santa Rita winery in 2000, I did not hesitate more and dedicate myself completely to the beautiful world of oenology and wine production.

After finishing my Agronomy studies, I completed a postgraduate degree in Oenology and in Physiology of the Vine at the University of Chile and at the same time I started working as a viticulturist in a vineyard in the Maipo Valley. When I finished my studies, I went to work in Medoc-France to continue acquiring knowledge.

On my return from France, I had the enormous opportunity to take charge of a new wine project in the Colchagua Valley where I was able to participate from the beginning of project. I participated in the plantation of more than 100 hectares, with the latest technologies, I lead the implementation of a wine cellar, designed wine lines and end up as chief winemaker and commercial manager of the project, which gave me a huge background in the different areas in the world of wine.

After 7 years of hard and exciting work in the winery, I decided together with my great friend Luca, that we should focus on what he really, we like, MAKE WINE, but "live wines" that reflect the value of a terroir and respect for environment.

This is how after almost 10 years of learning and convinced of what we believed we decided to create Wildmakers!

One of the things that fascinates me most about my work is that I can connect with my senses and freedom sensation, and that is something that really fills me with energy and magic. In according to my way of seeing wine, I´m 100% connected with my work and I do not depend on what an instrument or a certain lab analysis may indicate, but rather I trust my know-how, my instinct and I feel that that leads me to produce a product, in this case wine, with a great sense of origin, with typicity, unique stamp and charisma.
José Miguel Sotomayor