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The goal of the VinNatur association is to unite winemakers, giving each of them greater strength, awareness and knowledge by sharing experiences, studies and research. VinNatur was founded in 2006 by Angiolino Maule in Italy. Today, there are over 180 winemaker-members from 10 different countries.

VinNatur organises two or three events per year and with the profits, the association commissions scientists to find explanations and solutions to some of the common problems that occur in organic agriculture and winemaking without entrants or additives. VinNatur aims to preserve the individuality of wine, from the homologation that chemistry, technology and industrialisation have brought about.
Since 2007, VinNatur analyses a wine from each of their members for pesticide residue. This was a very important step because, even though it hasn’t always been popular with producers, it is a guarantee for the consumer.

However, it’s not enough. In 2016, VinNatur members voted and approved a charter, far more rigorous than organic reglementation, which sets out what are or are not allowed practices and products during the viticulture and the vinification. Members are now subject to third-party inspections to check that they comply with the charter.

To resume, the association invests its own resources to provide the winemaker with the tools to improve and to provide the consumer with the reassurance that the wine in their glass is salubrious, appetising and free from pesticides. We promote scientific research and diffuse knowledge of natural and innovative techniques amongst the members. To grow together.