Full Name
Julie McIntyre
Job Title
Herbalist, writer & educator
Speaker Bio
Julie McIntyre is a writer, international lecturer, and workshop leader, having taught throughout North America, Ireland, and the UK. For many years she led ceremonial sweat lodges for native men in prison and for nearly two decades was a clinical herbalist working with severely ill people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases (such as Lyme) in twenty countries around the globe. Julie lives in a restored cabin in the woods, adjacent to the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wildernesses in southwestern New Mexico where she continues to study human, plant and Gaian relationships. She is the author of Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart; Nature, Intimacy and Sexual Energy and the forthcoming books (2022) The Confluence of Gaia, Plant Medicines and the Human Soul and (2023) Lyme Disease; A Clinical Handbook for Practitioners.
Julie is a collaborator and partner of Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of (2022) Earth Grief; The Journey Into and Through Ecological Loss, and Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm. His website is www.StephenHarrodBuhner.com
Julie McIntyre